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“Continuous improvement is better than improved perfection.” – Mark Twain

How can you become better at marketing your business?

We’ve gained some helpful knowledge over the years around not just how to market a business, but how to share that knowledge with other people.

Marketing is the homework a company does to identify unfulfilled consumer needs and wants. Marketing:

  • sets measures and quantifies the size of the market and the profit potential
  • designs and promotes the right products and services
  • monitors results and improves the offering over time
  • decides when to let the offering go

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about marketing concepts such as the 4 P’s of marketing, segmentation, targeting, positioning, brand equity, brand essence, or what these terms even mean, our marketing capability programmes can help. We can also help you upskill as a marketing coordinator through one-on-one mentoring and digital media workshops.

No matter your knowledge of marketing, talk to us and we’ll deliver a programme to suit your needs.

Ways we can help you improve your marketing capability

As part of our service, a simple but well-documented version of the key work achieved will be yours to keep. This is to help you implement and utilise this knowledge throughout your business long-term.

Marketing Insider workshops

Learn more about “what is marketing?”, “why is it important?”, and “what does that marketing jargon mean?”. Walk away with a clear understanding and practical steps you can take to apply to your business.

Marketing mentor

You have a developed a marketing or business plan, but realise there are a few gaps in your knowledge about the “how to execute” that is keeping you awake at night. Sometimes you just wish you could channel the expertise of a seasoned marketer to steer you straight. A mentor will help you stay focused, bring in new perspectives, and be that sounding board in the good and bad times.

SMART Marketing Plan Workshops

It can seem like you are always busy working in the business rather than on the business. These one on one sessions are all about helping you THRIVE. Over four sessions, we will progressively take you through the critical stages required to develop a SMART Marketing Plan. In each session, you will learn more about marketing and then apply that knowledge to build your plan using our Marketing Toolkit.

*This training workshop is available for funding through the NZTE Regional Business Partners Programme for eligible organisations – talk to NZTE for more info.

Digital Media Overhaul workshops

Are your digital media efforts keeping pace with consumers’ changing habits? Are you looking to the horizon, or plugging away and hoping your digital activity is still relevant? Learn the trends on the horizon, and get the tools to help you adapt and make savvy marketing decisions that will position your business for the future.

*This training workshop is available for funding through the NZTE Regional Business Partners Programme for eligible organisations – talk to NZTE for more info.

Time to improve your marketing?

Enquire for more info & pricing – let’s tailor your training to fit you.