“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves.” – Steve Jobs, Apple

How can I get in my customer's heads?

Without your customers you wouldn’t have a business, so it pays to really understand what they want and why they want it.

There is a wealth of free information both within and outside your business, if you know where to look. Then when you really want in-depth information you can also conduct paid qualitative and quantitative market research.

We can help you find and analyse all of this data, turning it into information that becomes a practical tool for enhancing your business and giving your customers what they truly want.

Talk to us about what you’re hoping to learn from your customers and why – we’d love to help with your market research project.

Ways we can help you understand your customer's needs

Sales data slice-ups

Are you making the most of the sales data you collect? Are you dicing and slicing it to provide powerful information for your business? A business has a wealth of information in its sales data that is often under-utilised. We can help you put in place measures to collect the meaningful stuff, and analyse and feed it back into your management decisions.

Market resesarch & consumer insight reports

Keep up with the rapidly changing marketplace. What are consumers wanting and buying? What are the latest new products taking the world by storm? How big are these new opportunities? What are research gurus saying is the “next big thing”? This is where InHouse Marketing can help. You give us a question or topic you want explored and we’ll do the research for you, providing you with a Latest Trends Report that gives you useful information to help make business decisions.

As part of our service, a simple but well-documented version of the key work achieved will be yours to keep. This is to help you implement and utilise this knowledge throughout your business long-term.

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