Connect with consumers in a way that makes sense for your business

The customer’s perception is your reality. 

Need help promoting and communicating in a way that sells?

Effective communication can be the difference between a customer deciding to choose your business or someone else’s. It’s about telling your story with purpose and seamless presentation, across everything you put out there.

We know there is validity in both online and traditional means of reaching consumers, but it comes down to your strategic needs. That’s why we’ll ask the questions to help you uncover how you can best communicate with your target market/s, be it through a website, social media, print advertising or a good old mail-drop.

We’ll also help you organise the production of these materials, through a strong brief that outlines your requirements for branding, timeline and budget, to ensure you are communicating effectively at every touch-point you have.

If your communications need some tightening up, or if you would like another set of hands to help hatch your promotions, then get in touch.

Ways we can help you connect with consumers


Understand why you are doing social media, analyse which platforms are most appropriate for your target audience, plan what content you’ll be creating any why, and execute it successfully.


Don’t just have a website, have one that is effective at converting prospects into clients. By reviewing what you’ve got & creating a website strategy we’ll help you set goals for your website and put process in place to achieve your outcomes.


We’ll build you a programme designed to get your message out there, across digital advertising and/or traditional methods, and achieve goals for increasing awareness, attracting prospects and generating leads.


Connect and empower communities through sponsorship. We’ll help you be strategic in your sponsorship decisions, and ensure it ties to your business’ identity. In building a programme for your sponsorships we will help you leverage them, and when other charities come calling you’ll have the focus and power to (politely) say no.


Brochures, posters, booklets, pens, notepads, signage, fluffy dice… if it’s got your brand on it, we can help to get it put together and reinforce a clear and consistent message that helps you sell.


Got a big pitch coming up? Need to streamline the way your sales are presented? We can help you with a sales presentation workshop specific to your upcoming pitch, and/or work with your sales team to build a strong presentation for every potential sale.


Need a compelling idea for a promotion or giveaway? How about help executing it? We can help you craft a promotion that fits your brand and gets you cut-through, with a customized Promotions Workshop and marketing support.


These days, digital marketing has grown arms and legs and sprouted numerous different disciplines and areas of expertise. Whether its search, social, website, or ads, take the pressure off and reel in the support of our experienced Hawke’s Bay digital marketers (learn more here).

As part of our service a simple but well-documented version of the key work achieved will be yours to keep, so that you can implement and utilise this throughout your business long-term.

We can also arrange for our partners to help get your message out, including:

  • Public relations specialists
  • Media writers
  • Graphic designers
  • Digital media specialists
  • Website developers
  • Photographers & videographers
  • Internal culture & change specialists
  • + more

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