Experienced Marketers

Use the management & coordination experience we’ve gained across oodles of industries from small business to corporate.

Brilliant Team

Access our team of big picture thinkers, who also know how to muck in.

Practical Solutions

Get help navigating the myriad marketing options, to focus on a solution that has real, tangible benefits.

Strategic Focus

Inject purpose and clarity into how you market your business by building a plan.

Results Matter

Achieve practical business results that directly impact your bottom line.

Specialist marketing support

Your building blocks for business success

Are you in need of a marketing business to help take the pressure off?

You are great at what you do, full stop. But that doesn’t mean you can create more hours in the day for marketing, or that marketing is in your DNA.

At InHouse Marketing we believe the power of marketing should be available to you. We’re a home-based marketing business that’s all about using our expertise to find practical solutions, and we want to enhance your sales and marketing outcomes and having fun doing it.

Large or small, we’d love to talk to you about your ideas and where we can muck in to help.

Keen to get a fresh take on your marketing?

Your first meeting is on the house.

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Tools to enable your business

Brand building

Uncover your brand story, your unique identity and develop ways to live + breathe it through your logo, packaging, everything.

Marketing promotion tools

Tell your story with purpose and presentation – from ad campaigns to sponsorships, sales prezzos to brochures – you name it.

New product development

Get a handle on market opportunities, harness your innovative ideas and launch new products & services the right way.

Market research

Use your sales data and market research to better understand and speak to your consumers, and optimise the way you manage customer relationships.

Develop SMART marketing plans

Take a look at the whole picture – marketing, sales, brand, distribution, pricing – and make a plan to maximise your marketing spend to achieve your goals.

Digital marketing support

Whether its search, social, website, or ads, take the pressure off and reel in the support of our experienced Hawke’s Bay digital marketers.

Marketing training & mentoring

Become more confident in your marketing efforts with tailored workshops, training and the friendly guidance of experienced senior marketers.

Sustainability consulting

Pave a sustainable pathway for your business and the world and communities around it, through consulting, connecting, communicating and taking action.

Harness the power of marketing.

We are a strategic marketing business who help busy, capable small-to-medium businesses like yours assemble the building blocks for business success.

As consultants and do-ers we work alongside you as your inhouse marketing team, helping you with the thinking, planning and doing as you need it, and increasing your marketing and sales capabilities long term.

InHouse Marketing Strategic Business Consultants Hawkes Bay - Jodi Megan Marise

This is us – your InHouse marketers Jodi, Megan, and Marise. Between us and our network of experts we will help you think, plan and do to achieve through marketing.

Fees based on dollars and sense

We recognise every business and every project is different. That’s why we’ll build a proposal based on your needs. We can work on your business for an agreed number of hours per month, on a flat-fee basis, or project by project – it’s really up to you.

Before embarking on this we do recommend having a think about what your budget is, and what you need to achieve.

Our marketing business operates on a distributed office model (we work from our homes in wonderful Hawke’s Bay), which helps keep our overheads and prices down so we can offer affordable solutions.

Some of our services are also available for funding through the NZTE Regional Business Partners Programme for eligible organisations.


Our ‘Think · Plan · Do’ Process

  • 1. Meet & Greet

    We catch up with you for an hour (no charge) and get a feel for what you’re about, bringing to light your needs (and you can suss us out too).

  • 2. THINK

    We get to know your business goals, analyse your current situation and help you think about the future and your strategic options. You are the expert in your business, so we tap into your strengths and knowledge to understand what you need.

  • 3. PLAN

    We hatch a SMART plan together that includes the next steps required to achieve your strategic goals.

  • 4. DO!

    Putting our coordinator hats on, we take the pressure off you by offering hands-on help to do what it takes to make it all happen.

After our initial Needs Analysis meeting, if you decide to bring us on board then we use our THINK · PLAN · DO process for every project we work on together.

Keen for a fresh take on your marketing?

Your first meeting is on the house.