Food Show guests peruse the event marketing trade show stalls

From niche occasions to all-out food & wine shows, Jodi has project managed countless trade show stands and wine & food events, including co-ordinating Moana Park Winery’s most successful annual winery concert (over 1200 attendees). Event marketing can be a strong means of connecting your brand with consumers, creating interaction and building loyalty for the long-term.

The key to a successful event is in the planning. By utilising our experience (yes we have lugged suitcases and unloaded pallets) we can help you prepare for and execute your event or show calendar with excellence. And let’s not forget actually ensuring your efforts in event marketing are paying off.

Whatever your industry, if you are planning to use events as a key component in your marketing strategy, talk to us about getting help with executing it famously. We also have the promotional tools at our disposal to help you get the word out to the right crowd.