Jodi Baxter, Director of InHouse Marketing Consultants Hawkes BayKia ora, I’m Jodi.

Are you looking to make your business more sustainable? Do you need a consultant with a marketing & sustainability bent to help guide you?

I am addicted to learning, growing, and evolving how we approach sustainability and marketing in NZ.

This is why I focus on two intertwined ways of supporting businesses:

  • marketing for good – using my dark magic marketing skills to help purpose-driven organisations thrive
  • sustainability consulting – to make implementing sustainability simple, affordable, and doable for everyday NZ SME’s

I operate without alignment to any set of tools or organisations, and work to connect you with whatever is most relevant and accessible to you, so we can scale our changes rapidly together.

How did I get here?

In my general role as Director & Do-er at InHouse Marketing, I help with marketing strategy and ‘doing’ support to Hawke’s Bay and NZ businesses.

Having a passion for marketing for good (no greenwashing or underhanded social persuasion here) has led me to follow another of my core beliefs – that humans by nature can only exist in harmony with each other and the environment around us – after all, WE are that environment.

In 2021 I decided that marketing alone wasn’t cutting it. I needed to go rogue.

So I threw myself into a Cambridge Institute for Sustainability course on Business Sustainability Management. It was hard, and it was a game changer. I got an A. My mum was proud.
And you know what I learned?

That the problems are big, but the solutions are easy. Every-day businesses can become more sustainable. We can all take new steps every day towards the kaitiaki (care-taking) of people & planet, and it becoming something we just naturally do.

And the more we talk about it transparently, the more others will follow suit.

It doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to cost heaps. In fact, it stands to earn you much more than it costs – through earning the trust of passionate customers, and a passionate team. Not to mention the growing size and scale of the economic opportunity sustainable business presents.

When you’re part of something you know is making a difference, the value is self-evident.


My 15+ years’ experience in senior and co-ordination roles at home and across the ditch has given me exposure across varied categories including those in wine & tourism, construction solutions, wholesale distribution and financial services. If you’d like my full discography, head over to my LinkedIn profile, and feel free to connect on there as well.

More carry-on

I’m a mum, a foodie and music enthusiast, and I love working from home. I also love getting my ‘people fix’ when I work from my clients’ offices as needed.

We started InHouse Marketing in 2017 after a few crisp wines and a realisation that all three of us had a passion for helping people in business. While our skill sets are quite different we three have a very similar ethos and caring for people and our environment. We’re also collecting a band of very skilled contractors who love helping (and working from home) as much as we do.

Let’s connect

No matter where you’re at, I’d love to hear about your sustainability & marketing journey, and see where we can go together.


m. 022 156 6817

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