A screenshot of the ProPart website

The story

ProPart Ricambi are a national and international supplier of Aftermarket, OEM, Genuine and Used tractor parts for rural mechanics. Their sweet spot is in sourcing hard to find parts from across the globe and providing technical know-how in support of New Zealand’s ag sector.

InHouse Marketing began supporting ProPart in 2022 and have been working with the business to grow and connect customers with the value of their service.

After some market research we coordinated for them in 2022, in 2023 ProPart decided to embrace the world of ecommerce and take their 10,000’s of product SKU’s online to meet customer needs. Not only this, but they wanted to enable customers to be able to have their own trade login which would be personalised and offer a full help section and order history.

The website needed to stand out as a beacon of personality and helpfulness in a highly competitive but very transactional competitive environment.

The website

The ecommerce website project was coordinated client-side by Jodi, being the marketing conduit between the developers and the client. Apex Digital were the developers chosen by the client due to their expertise in integrating with the client’s ERP system and clear promise around aesthetics, site speed and user experience – a factor that was important given the business’ reliance on the personal touch as their strongest foot forward.

With a long and detailed list of client requirements, the project required careful oversight of tasks, managing expectations of all parties as time went on, and advocating for the client to ensure the result would meet the brief. Collaborative online organisational tools were used to keep track of every element and detail, and see it through. Our role was also to coordinate internal, external and customer testing and facilitate feedback to improve site outcomes.

The site needed to feel connected with the ProPart people, so we engaged commercial photography specialist Eva Bradley and collaborated on a shot list that would fit every page and bring that feeling through. Shoot locations included a real tractor mechanic’s workshop to put the website right in the customer’s shoes. Website copywriting was developed by Jodi in accordance with best practice SEO, based on a clear keyword strategy from Apex.

The Apex Digital team worked hard to provide a highly functional site for ProPart that aims to connect rural tradies with the parts and information they need, as easily and reliably as possible. The project has delivered on this result and initial analytics show a highly responsive and user-friendly site, with a deep and powerful set of tools behind the scenes. They have had more users visit the site than ever before, and now have the benefit of being able to transact.

The launch

InHouse’s role has been to plan the launch strategy and guide the team to take it to market, as well as providing the campaign outline and artwork. Using a broad set of promotional tools, from client gifts to social media, PR communications to online search marketing, the ProPart team continue to apply themselves to actioning the marketing plan. Their hard work is already paying off, with ecommerce sales growing week on week, and the site becoming a major player in their sales team.

The result

This is an example of how InHouse has opened up the capacity for the client, taking a lot of the heavy lifting in a large scale project and helping them to achieve their goals in a faster timeframe than if they were doing it on their own.

Now that ProPart has launched their website, the results are looking great and the work to continuously build on it continues. Like a staff member, an eCommerce site needs to be kept up to date, trained and adapted as time goes on. There is also promotional activity that needs to be maintained in order to drive customers to the website and remind them of the unique service ProPart offers them. InHouse Marketing continues to support ProPart in this and to continue to build on the skills of their team to empower them internally.

Perhaps there is a project that you might not have the time to organise or the expertise to carry out – if so this is where we InHouse can shine. We have the skills to manage the project, do the doing, and connect with the right specialists when needed as well.

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