The Korkys Catering website shown on mobile

The story

KJ and Stacey had launched Korky’s Catering onto the Wairarapa food truck scene at the start of 2022, and it was taking off.

Within the first year the business was shifting into a bricks and mortar premises to expand their catering offering and compliment the food truck. They needed a simple way for customers to order catering, find the food truck and get to know they exist!

The website build & copywriting

We coordinated some website quotes and a full brief to help the developers understand the goals of the business, and what functionality their customers would be after.

The client was excited to work with Jayne Millar, a Hawke’s Bay website contractor and designer who helps us out on loads of awesome projects. The choice was made to create the website using the site builder Squarespace, which allows for the client to be able to easily make drag-and-drop changes to the site themselves down the track.

Jayne thoroughly enjoyed the build and went above and beyond to create a design a website that was jam packed with bold flavour and colour.

As for the words on the site, they were cranked out by Jodi at InHouse. She had a spiffing old time researching the vernacular of Korky the Cat of 1930’s UK fame, and weaving it through the copy all the while optimising the text for good SEO.

The result

Stacey and KJ were stoked and the Korky’s site went live in November 2022. Their customers can now check out their menu and place orders, and while their startup budget didn’t quite stretch to adding eCommerce functionality just yet, the website has been designed so it can be bolted on nice and easily when they’re ready.

Immediately after launching the site and their Google Business profile to get them on the map, they are getting solid enquiry and getting noticed in all the right ways.

We’d love you to have a look and let us know what you think!