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“We don’t have to get it perfect first time. We just have to make a start.”

Sustainability & Marketing | Consulting, Connecting, Communicating, Taking Action

Are you as taken with a beautiful future as we are?

Are you ready to pave a sustainable pathway for your business and the world and communities around it?

Whether you own the business or are an employee who cares, it truly is possible to bring about the changes you dream of for in your industry.

When marketing and sustainability work together, you have a powerful mix.

Operationally, you are on a pathway and are walking the walk. Conversationally, your brand is talking the good talk.

Overall, your business is enjoying a positive impact by creating shared value. And it remains financially competitive thanks to the rapidly growing group of everyday people who choose you because of it.

But sustainability is a big word, and it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. So, we are here to make it simple.

Business Sustainability Management

Powered by learnings from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

We are here to help you:

  • understand what needs to be changed, and what is most important to start with first
  • build a business case for sustainability and get the right people on board
  • bring about the changes from within
  • communicate the changes clearly
  • make it stick (in other words, be sustainable 😉)

Depending on your business size, industry and where you’re at in your sustainability journey, our support services can be tailored to suit.

Ways we can support your sustainability efforts

We favour a collaborative approach, because it takes a good few of us to generate ideas and spread the enthusiasm. Each of the following services would be delivered in conjunction with you and the appropriate people in your sphere.

Sustainability Exploration

A no-cost 1 hour conversation to explore your sustainability situation.

If it turns out you might need us, we’ll go back and build you a tailored proposal for the services that will help. If you don’t, we’ll happily refer you to other people, agencies, and free resources to help you crack on.

Build a Business Case

  • For larger organisations, you may need to present a compelling business case before embarking on a sustainability programme.
  • We can help you to research your current performance, industry, value chain and markets, and help you create the business case for change.

Sustainability Workshops

Educate & explore what sustainability means to you and your key stakeholders, through the lens of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Perform a Sustainability & Marketing SWOT on your business to identify your biggest risks and opportunities
  • Uncover who the sustainability champions are within your organisation
  • Get your people engaged and tap into them to lay foundations for change
  • Set Goals, Objectives and Strategies for your Sustainability Roadmap

Required homework: looking back at the last 12-24 months, using our templates identify what sustainability outcomes you can currently measure. We can then help you identify where the gaps are and produce a basic sustainability report to set a baseline.

Sustainability Roadmap

  • Together create a roadmap to 2030 with goals, actions, and accountability measures, looking out to your ideal vision and stepping back from there
  • Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly support from us, to check in, advise, and help keep you on track
  • The Roadmap and Sustainability Report can then be revised annually

Developing New Ways of Doing

Creating a sustainable future is all about innovation and adapting. So is Marketing. So, it may be that some of your action items end up requiring some form of innovation.

If so, we can help with specialist services like:

  • Brand Building: brand strategy, logo design, taglines, copywriting, promotional campaigns
  • New Product Development: innovation workshops and frameworks to help you create sustainable products and services by design
  • Product Stewardship: help you build and market product takeback, recycling, and circularity programmes
  • Redefining and innovating to a sustainable business model

Marketing Plan & Workshops

Once you know where you want to be from a sustainability perspective, it is time to work that into your Marketing Plan so that you get your positioning right and communicate your brand with authenticity.

We can either:

  • Review your existing marketing plan in light of your sustainability goals and what was uncovered in the SWOT.
  • Take another look at your target markets and competitive positioning to ensure your brand remains relevant for what is to come.
  • Rewire your Marketing Plan and reporting structures to suit, so that Marketing and Sustainability operations are intertwined ongoing.


  • Do all of the above but build a new Marketing Plan from scratch.
  • This would work well if you don’t have a Marketing Plan already or wish to start with a fresh sheet of paper.

Your Sustainability Story

This is where we help you tell your brand’s story with authenticity, zero greenwash, and in a compelling way that is unique to your business.

  • Write your Brand Story through a sustainability lens, so people get to hear about the good things you are doing
  • Incorporate this throughout your communication plans – whether it is your social media content, website, marketing collateral, or BBQ pitch

Storytelling is an important way to spread the enthusiasm for creating a future our grandkids can be proud of. In sharing your experiences, you’re not only endearing your brand to potential buyers but you’re also being a visible example of change.

Eco Friendly Websites & Digital

There is a carbon footprint for everything, and websites and emails can all play a role in reducing waste and over-consumption. For example, stuff in “the cloud” is actually physically stored on various computer hardware all over the world. And it takes energy and natural resources to power that, as well as create and power this very screen you are reading on. It’s still far better than paper, but the internet is estimated to account for 3.7% of all GHG’s. For fun, you can test your website here!

We can help you include your online presence in your responsible marketing mix by:

  • Building you a ‘green’ WordPress website that runs lean – quality, speedy (a bonus for SEO), secure and stunning
  • Web hosting and domain packages on eco-friendly, high-performance servers
  • Offer further advice to help you transition / give your marketing efforts the eco advantage

One-off Projects

Have a need that you don’t see here? Give us a call or let’s have a coffee and see how we might be able to help.

If it doesn’t fit our skillset, we’ve got plenty of other sustainability contacts in our address book for you.

When we will outsource: Sometimes a project may be bigger or more specialist than we are equipped for. If this happens, we’ll say so. We enjoy collaborating with others and are happy to provide introductions or be the interface between you and any specialists you/we may need to bring into the mix. We’re happy to step in or out as much as needed.

Jodi Baxter, Director of InHouse Marketing Consultants Hawkes Bay

Jodi, your non-judgy sustainability consultant & change agent

Expertise to get you humming

Our resident sustainability junkie is Jodi Baxter, a passionate marketer-gone-rogue. Jodi joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership Alumni in 2021 after completing an intensive course on Sustainability Management.

Her current sustainability projects include exploring a circular economy pathway for a plastics fabricator, facilitating team-wide energy and waste reduction changes in an industrial workshop environment, and helping influence their global supply chain towards greater sustainability and transparency outcomes. In her spare time she is out planting trees and helping a hugely promising eco crowdfunding tech startup take flight.

Jodi would love to hear from you about your own challenges – get in touch here.

Keen to start your sustainability journey?

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